Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Badu New Year's Eve Atlantic City... Being late to the airport- Mi$$ Flight Number 1 Sitting in the Admiral's Club - Mi$$ Flight Number 2 Renting a jet to make it to the gig 40 minutes before 12 - Priceless

Friday, December 23, 2005

WISH LIST- january EMERGENCY SHUT OFF $89.95 POLAR JR. CLUTCH $642.00 POLAR CLUTCH TOOLS $54.95 POLAR WEIGHT KITS $48.95 POLAR BELTS $21.95 february SUPPORT VEHICLE $1000.00 18’ OPEN TRAILER $1500.00 march 5-POINT CAM LOCK HARNESS $132.95 HOOSIER SLICKS 18”X 8”-8” $230.00 june ALKY MOTOR $1500.00 DIGATRON DT-54 $369.95 THROTTLE PEDAL ASSEMBLY $73.64 THROTTLE CABLE $12.95 THROTTLE CABLE LINKAGE KIT $14.95 FUEL PUMP (MIKUNI) $29.95 3/27 EXHAUST PIPE $99.95 ... man, I need some more work....

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Just getting back from runs with Erykah and Alan in South America and Mexico (not at the same time, mind you!! That would have been weird at best..) E's show was at the Personal Festival in Buenos Aries- good to see friends again and the weather was great right up to the point when we had to play- then the sky opened up and turned the field into a giant mud puddle. Had a good show though, and it was nice to be out with Erykah and the crew again. Alan's run in Mexico was a bizillion times better than last time- new promoter and much better venues and production. Got some time on the Maxxyz console, which I loved. It will be my new replacement for the outgoing Hog II's that I have loved so much for the past decade. Pics of Villahermosa... By the way, you can still see previous posts and photos by clicking on the months in the right column. Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all, and let's all have a great Next Year... Much Love to all.. Me

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Bowery Ballroom- NYC 2000 Those of you who know me know that I obsess about some things. Find my passion and stick to it. Those that really know me know about me and Chris. When I first heard Living With The Law, I was on one of my "sabaticals" from the biz, and working for the Tracks/Record Bar chain handling their Tucson store. I was still in the pipe with all my usual suspects, and getting a ton more promos than most places. When LWTL arrived, I still can't remember why I played it in the store, but after one playing of Dust Radio, I never stopped playing it. To this day, it is required on any deserted island I wind up on. How does one write something so hauntingly perfect and still remain under the radar? I remember calling Patron after 8-9 months of tracking down the right leads, and in no uncertain terms let him know that I was the man to light his guy the right way- by this time Din and Terra were out and Chris was going in all kinds of directions musically, and I was a fan that was liking all that I was hearing. Chris was my retirement artist- why would I want to work with anyone else? I really felt that, even up to the last day on the Terra tour when I was thinking "This is it- I'm done in this biz. I have found my mecca. What could come after this?" I saw Chris again here and there, and most of the time he was runnin solo- once again with the changes that his demons constantly made him chase. He came to Tucson and we hung out for the day and had a smokin show together too. When we were in NYC at the same time there were some great conversations that went along with coffee and smokes in his dad's place. I remember when we started discussing the interfacing of music, lighting and projection, years before this whole "convergence" craze struck my industry. He had some brilliant ideas that we never did get the chance to apply. But the things we did do together brought smiles to both of our faces- we rung the best out of any time we worked together. Chris passed of lung cancer on November 20, '05. He was 45. A year older than me in age; light years ahead of me in wide-mind thinking. I was on a flight from Mexico City when one of the guys in my crew mentioned that another great had died recently, "someone that was on Sony then moved around for a while.. I think his name was Chris Whitley.". I sat in shock for the rest of the flight. My career could have happily ended after working with this man, and I am proud to say that I had an opportunity to do what I do with him and for him, and when it was all done, we both would go away smiling. I'll miss you Chris. And I'll forget you every day. Great journeys, my brother.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Finally got new lettering from Scott at Performance Systems for the rail... Had to do a little hand art to make it pop from the red (originally it was going on the white section, but there is something in the works that may require that area of the car). We are going to try and make the Junior car display this friday at University Medical Center's Children's Ward (Friday from 10a.m to 2p.m- all are welcome to attend), and then going to S.I.R. this weekend for the last race of the season for Junior cars this Saturday. Found the clutch setup and fuel curve finally, and man, did it put him back in the seat!! Did a little test launch in front of the house Saturday, and it really gave the little man a kick in the butt! I think we're ready for next season, and mid-year we will be looking at an alky motor for more speed. Come out this weekend and stop by the pit to say hey....

Saturday, November 12, 2005

The Sugar Water Festival brought three talented women together onstage for a summer tour in 2005. Lighting and scenic design, programming and operation for Erykah Badu by Martin Thomas.